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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

oh yay... duke won... big deal.

so duke won. great. a number one seed won the tournament. shocker. dont get me wrong, i like duke. i like them over any of the other acc teams but come on... this would have been one of the biggest upsets in quite some time. to me, it just takes away from some of the special games and upsets that occurred in the tournament. northern iowa downing a heavily favored number one kansas or st. mary's pulling out a win over a once-ranked number one villanova. all those big upsets would have been made complete by a mid-major from indiana taking down, arguably, the best and most consistent basketball program across the last 15 years. there would have been movies about it. it would have been entitled "underdogs" with the caption "just when the going got ruff..." or "cant keep a good dog down" or "just in time for the dog days of summer" or "who let the dogs out..."

it would have made this tournament special. unique. they would have replayed the game and all the games leading up to it over and over. we could have all talked about where we were when david beat goliath... and tell our kids (in like, 30 years...) about the story of how the little guy once pulled through so they feel less bad that they are terrible at sports... this championship is just another notch on duke's belt. for butler, this would have been a battle cry for decades to come! and while im sure butler fans dont want to hear this... butler will most likely ride good recruiting for the next few years and be decent but will probably never reach the level they did tonight.

oh well. still a great tournament. i had a good time. i just wish duke had this kind of run the last few years when i had them winning the whole thing. the one year i have them getting upset in the 3rd round, they win it all. figures. another $15 wasted on another bracket.

actually, you know what i think? i think coach k should owe me $15. in all fairness to coach k, when i was in high school, i did pay $15 for one of his old coaching tapes to help me coach 8 year olds. it was really unnecessary. they were 8. drills for college players dont exactly translate all that well... lets just pretend like i returned the tape and we will call it even. thanks!

thoughts on a tape to help people learn how to spell your last name!? now that's a keeper.

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