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Friday, April 9, 2010

"youre so money baby... and you dont even know it!"

so today is the big day. i have a job interview. obviously, im nervous. but im also confident...

in the fact that im nervous.

i woke up early and went to kinkos. i got very little done in the hour that i spent there but the fact that i can say i went to kinkos at 5am for an hour makes me feel like something was accomplished. i was going to go to the gym to work off some anxiety but then became anxious about feeling rushed and decided not to go and instead sit in bed and do some pre-interview cramming on the company and the industry. that, obviously, turned into losing focus and writing this blog. (the previous blog with the random music video was done while i was in kinkos... time management... check!)

back to the interview itself. i have a lot of experience and im actually, in all seriousness, feeling really good about it. they are looking for people who are bright and experienced and in my humble opinion, im fucking brilliant. not only that, but the suit im wearing is baller-status. i look good. no. scratch that. i look incredible. and my shoes are fresh from the dry cleaners and shine like shoes i wore at my first marching band competition in high school.

my resumes are printed (fresh from my early morning trip to kinkos) and on lovely 100% cotton, ivory resume paper. i have a leather-bound binder with fresh paper to take copious notes and two pens to go along with that copious note-taking. do i bring current business cards? not sure. do i have my references printed on resume paper with me in the interview just in case or do i just give names and numbers in the interview. again, not sure. i will find out all of these answers soon enough. some of you type a-ers out there might be freaking out on my behalf because "how can he walk into an interview and not know certain things!?!"

my response: "thats life. expect the unexpected. sure i could be completely prepared... but then i would be over-confident and thus not looking over my shoulder and on high-alert at all times. this way, im that much more observant about my surroundings. im taking in as much information as i can so that when its time make some decisions, im not relying on pre-existing information. on the contrary. im using, almost exclusively, my senses and environmental cues."

im obviously very interested in working at this new company and in the role itself. the good news is my current situation is not a bad one. im actually loving life right now and part of my nervousness is do i mess with a good thing...? the fact that this interview is not do or die also helps with the pressure to do well. i plan on doing well but in the event, that i dont get the job, i still get to eat dinner tonight (which is great because i have had an itch to get a nice sirloin... and you dont exactly find those bad boys on any dollar menus).

you know what also helps with being nervous about something?! instructional videos. you learn a lot and it feels like you are watching tv. perfect. so this morning, i went online to find the perfect instructional video about interviewing. it didnt take long before i found the diamond in the rough. this video lays out very clearly the do's and dont's of interviewing. maybe it will help you too!

so wish me luck. im going in looking like a million bucks and only asking for half of that for my annual salary. hey new company, thats a 50% discount. sounds like a great deal to me.

one more video... i know... you have spent 30 minutes already just getting through all the gratuitous ramblings and videos... but this video is classic. its from good will hunting... the interview scene.

"you're suspect! yeah, you! i don't know what your reputation is in this town, but after the shit you tried to pull today you can bet i'll be looking into you. now the business we have, heretofore, you can speak with my aforementioned attorney. good day, gentlemen; and until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone."


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  1. Good luck, dude. Don't pull a Good Will Hunting. Probably won't work well with the big firms. Retaaaaaaiiiiiiiineeerrrr. Your situation, for you, would be concurrently improved if you had $200 in your back pocket. Right now.