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Thursday, March 18, 2010

the mad science of bracketology

i love filling out brackets, paying money to join multiple pools and pretending like ive been paying attention to college basketball all season just because i watched espn this morning. i filled out my brackets last night after 2am using nothing more than intuition and my own bias towards schools i like and ones i dont... arbitrary in its own right since i have never been to most of these schools. another tactic i employed last night was thinking historically. so teams that normally choke... even though none of the players remain from their banner 1998 season that ended in dissappointment, i still hold a grudge after i had them in the final four and they lost first round.

so, look for me to talk trash across the next 4 weeks but i did want to clarify that im actually quite full of shit when it comes to college basketball.

kansas baby!! how do i know they are gonna win!? because they have a pretty mascot!

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