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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tuesday... more like boo-sday

tuesday has it rough. the only thing that really happens on a tuesday is that cds are released. but as people buy cds less and less, the magic of a cd release extravaganza on a tuesday seems a little lackluster. other than that, tuesday is completely boring and known for nothing. brings nothing to the table. in fact, its usually not even invited. it just quietly comes and goes as everyone discusses the rest of their week...

to really understand tuesday, you have to understand the other days of the week. (im not including television programming because that is fleeting... sporting events that happen on a given night for 30 plus years have become part of the culture. please accept the distinction and if you dont, you probably love the show "lost" and love tuesdays. and yes, im well aware that there are exceptions... like fat tuesday which is fun and election tuesday which is less fun but very important. however, it still leaves at least 50 other tuesdays each year continuing to feel meaningless. just go with me on this, ok?!)

sunday: church, football, day of rest, lounging, spending time with friends and family, soaking up one last day of rest and relaxation. sunday is probably top 3 in my mind in terms of favorite days of the week.

monday: now, i know what youre thinking... besides monday night football, what does monday bring to the table. well, monday is known not for its positives... but for reveling in its regrettable destiny as the most loathed day of the week. its famously infamous! c'mon, madonna even wrote a song about it. love it or hate it, monday is significant in the week.

wednesday: hump day! wednesday is the day that means the week is halfway over!! plus it becomes ok to go out to a big happy hour and stumble home at 2am. walking into work hungover on a wednesday morning is a little aggressive... but thursday morning, that just means you kicked off thursday with a bang!

thursday: this is happy hour day. the weekly pregame! you are celebrating that tomorrow is friday and unless you have a major project due, five bucks says you are planning to do about 1/3 the work you probably should get done on friday anyways. so you dont hold back. you take that extra tequila shot! sure and why not!? tomorrow is friday! plus baseball games happen on thursday night so maybe its a night at the ballpark. also, some big movies are released at midnight so maybe you get a group of friends together to see the new harry potter movie at 12:01! "oh you dressed up too!? errr... ok, i guess thats cool." whatever your pleasure, thursday is always a crowd favorite!

friday: too easy. come on. last day of the week. who cares if you had a bad week, within 8 hours (hopefully) you will be sitting on your couch excited about the next 60 hours of nothing in your future. or maybe you are going out with friends and its off to the preparty! movies usually are released on friday so you fandango for all your friends or your special someone! friday is a big party night as well. house-warming, house-destroying, house-adventuring(walk into a house party where you dont really know anyone but a friend of a friend told you it would be cool...). time to let it all hang out.

saturday: yardwork, errands, hangover lunch with good friends... or friends you just met... haha. afternoon adventures, barbecues, plant yourself on the couch and watch sports or movies on blu-ray. its all good. cause its saturday. check stuff off the list or go to the mall and add stuff to the list. the day is full of possibilities and nothing to hold you back because you have another day off tomorrow. stay up til the sunrise. take a day trip to nyc for the night or atlantic city to blow some hard earned cash. vegas for those on the west coast... corey, im looking at you big guy! saturday is where the big plans go down! ill take two please!

and of course... tuesday. there arent a lot of good happy hours. the majority of the week is still bearing down on you. you have had your butt kicked for the last two days and you are tired already. all that is running through your head is "still 3 days to go..." who can have fun with that on their mind. tuesday is not feared like monday... and its not celebrated like friday... its just... a connector. a place holder. a work day(which actually makes it not that great at all).

so here is my challenge to you(if you watch lost and consider tuesdays a holiday, you are exempt): make tuesday special. some people make it their day to go to bikram yoga to revitalize for the weekly home stretch. maybe visit their parents and get it out the way so you can enjoy the rest of your week. some might make a point to go out to dinner with friends. date night!? sure! whatever it is, make tuesdays memorable. if not for you, then do it for poor tuesday, the most forgotten and blah day of the week.

now that's the spirit!

this message was not brought to you by ruby tuesday, although the salad bar is glorious.

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