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Thursday, October 27, 2011

dont stop 'til we finally have it...

a few things...

im finding myself staring out a lot of windows. what does that mean? you know what im talking about? when you lose 3, 4, 20 minutes staring out into the world through a thin layer of glass. some may say that its a form of escapism. some may say that i spend too much time inside. to be honest, i dont know why.

i have never read "death of a salesman" but from my interpretation of the title alone, i can completely understand why its such a well-known title. if you are a salesman, you work yourself to death. if you are everyone else, you want nothing more than the death of every salesman.

we may have seen chris cooley's last football game. end of a crazy era where a football player that looks like he drinks whisky way more often than gatorade and is also an accomplished pottarian (someone who makes pottery... well what would YOU call them?) can play amazing, inspirational football.

starbucks is a terrible place to bring small children. i can not emphasize that enough... small children + (unlimited amount of energy x boredom) + hot liquids + computers = impending disaster.

that is all.

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