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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 94

in another shining example of how my life really is just a running joke that i get to enjoy from the first person perspective, today i set off my car alarm at a gas station. that alone is not why this was a unique experience... people set off their own car alarms all the time! granted... the acoustics of the gas station did amplify the alarm a little more than usual...

no this time was unique because, since i dont have the electronic keypad, only the physical key, i had no idea how to turn off the alarm.

im going to quickly bullet through the next 3 minutes...

- in a panic i sat in my car unlocking and locking the doors... didnt work.
- briefly forgetting the pump was still in my car's gas tank, i started the car... didnt work.
- quickly turned off the car for fear of explosion... the alarm continues.
- i remove the pump from my car and get back into my car... i forgot to get my receipt.
- i turn on the car and move forward to allow the person behind me to use the pump... i do find it interesting that the alarm is not as loud when you are inside the car.
- i move the car to a parking spot with the alarm blaring... it has now been two full minutes and it is clear that a game of chicken between me and my car's alarm is not going to end in my favor.
- i begin to google the number for my honda dealership... my thought is to go to the source for this kind of honda emergency.
- a cop taps on my window signally to get out of the car... "i swear this is my car... i just dont know how to turn off the alarm..."
- "can you press the alarm button on your keypad?" "no i dont have the keypad!" in my defense, to replace them (mine broke 9 months ago), its over $100. oh and the alarm continued...
- "use your key to lock and unlock the door" the alarm finally stopped.
- "thank you so much officer!" "uh huh..."

in a funny twist, i accidently set my alarm off in front of a Starbucks in Dupont about ten minutes later...

this time though, i was ready.

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