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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

did anyone else enjoy the lyric video for cee-lo green - "fuck you" more than the song's real music video that followed!? did you even see the real music video!? well, i think a lyric video IS a real music video and artists should roll with it. this christina perri song is a good example. people love lyrics. for some, lyrics are even more important than the person's voice or the music.. the lyrics are what we attach to and quote in love sonnets and tweets and in facebook profiles and sometimes, just sometimes, get in tattooed that we wear forever...

so, to all the fantastic musicians who are famous and dont know who i am, take my advice, and if your song has good lyrics, and someone will pay to make you a lyric video, roll with it and dont bother with something lame and cliche... because its probably going to be lame (wait for it...) and cliche.

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