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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47

mid-day addition:
so i was at a starbucks this morning around 1030am in capitol hill. while sitting at the window bar looking out across 8th street, a nice couple sat down next to me.

and apparently, it was a first date. some highlights.

guy: you like to be called baby girl?
girl: sometimes.
guy: do you like baby girls?
girl: no.
guy: can i call you baby girl?
girl: my dad calls me baby girl.
guy: you like that?
girl: no.
guy: so why does he call you that?
girl: cause im a girl. and the baby.

guy: you want some food?
girl: nah, i dont like breakfast food.
guy: oh shit. really?
girl: yeah.
guy: maybe i shouldn't have picked you up til 3pm.
girl: maybe
guy: but you know you just couldnt wait to see me...

guy: you on facebook?
girl: yeah.
guy: you got pictures on there?
girl: some pictures.
guy: i bet you are a freak in some of them.
girl: nah, those are on my myspace page.
guy: ohhhhh damn!

this was all in the 5 minutes i sat next to them. i decided to leave them to have some alone time... god only knows what this mid-morning conversation will lead to...

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