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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18

today, a good friend of mine begins a journey out west for a few weeks. and when i think of journeys, i think of frodo and lord of the rings. and when i think of that whiny hobbit, i immediately think of the actor elijah wood.

so to my buddy, godspeed brother and come back safe.

to j.r.r. tolkien, never read the books but if they are anything like the movies, the first book was probably boring and terrible but the last two books were probably great!

and of course, to elijah wood, you are a poor man's harry potter and unfortunately for you, there were more books in the hp series and his character actually gets some(well eventually). honestly, if i were you, i'd start hunting down the producer for ender's game. there's less whining, definitely less walking around and i think he was a bit of a ladies man(if i remember that book from 9th grade correctly). definitely a step in the right direction for you big guy!

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