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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

march cant come soon enough... c&c in nyc

dc, im glad to be home!

mid-day addition: while im glad to be home, i find it interesting that while i only spent a few weekends in new york city, certain places remembered me. now, i will come out and admit that i am extremely memorable in general, but i was shocked that a little diner on the corner of 62nd and 1st ave remembered my order. i have gone to the same restaurants several weeks/days in a row in dc and never has someone said "you want your usual?"

i know what youre thinking and yes, this was the end of a big night out and i was rolling in there at 4 or 5 in the morning but the place wasnt empty by any means. they definitely didnt remember me because i was the only reason they hadnt shut the lights off. they are 24 hours and probably serve people coming back from a big night all the time. so what makes me special? the answer is nothing.

the real reason they remember me, in my humble opinion, is that nyc, more so than dc, has a really strong sense of community. more places are like the show cheers, where the purveyors enjoy getting to know their customers. there is a loyalty that maybe a slightly more transient city like dc hasnt had the opportunity to really experience. all that being said, i love being back in my city.

anyways, just a little observation. btw, dc also doesnt have egg sandwiches like nyc has egg sandwiches... so delicious.

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