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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this is the part in the set where we ask for crowd participation...

ok people... there is a pretty enormous day coming up and i just dont think im capable of coming up with something awesome enough to do it justice.

if you guessed my birthday, then either a. im impressed or b. im in the process now of getting a restraining order...

ok so what should i do for my birthday?! for those who know me, obviously some kind of party will be involved. but as i get older, each birthday seems more and more precious. with the way the planet is slowly showing some teeth and fighting back (oil spills, volcanos, floods, diseases, alien prawns with crazy weaponry and a insatiable hunger for cat food...?, etc.), how many birthdays do any of us really have left?!

so speak up people! what should i do for my birthday!? a couple things to note:

1. home base is capitol hill, washington DC, USA(for those few non-north americans that stumble onto this blog. ps guten tag!)

2. cheaper is better!

3. cant exclude people. cooties were so 25th birthday.

4. nothing violent or harmful to anyone else. i love humans and all related creatures.

5. no jail time. i want to spend time in bars, not behind them.

ok i know this is risky. it is possible no one will respond and then i look pathetic. eh im ok with that. when you look like janet reno in your 5th grade yearbook picture, you become awfully resilient.

ok people!!! let the idea juices flow!


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  1. haha... 5th grade janet reno it is! tough crowd. dont worry, ive had a few "off the record" ideas which i will evaluate.