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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tell all your friends...

it has been leaked that john nolan, the mastermind behind one of the greatest albums of all time tell all your friends, is returning to taking back sunday.

this is the most excited i have been about music in a long time. to celebrate this joyous announcement, i am posting every music video from that album that came out a decade ago and yet is still on the tip of everyone's tongue when you talk about your favorite albums of all time.

dont adjust your computer screens... that is in fact flava flav...

if you dont know this album, i feel bad for you. go to best buy right now and find a copy 2002's taking back sunday - tell all your friends. listen to its raw energy and emotion. it was, and is, a great album and im so excited to hear the taking back sunday true sophomore album that we were all hoping for but never received.

8 years late is better than never.

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