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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my so called (football) life - week 3

special thanks the great people at 19th bar who ran the first annual big ass pig roast. i watched the majority of college football drunk as can be. super. moving on, lets run through the weekend.

usc beat washington state: sure, washington state is terrible... but its a conference game baby! defense allowed no points in the second half! - 2 points
notre dame lost to stanford: i love it when notre dame loses! i love it even more when its loss comes from the pac 10. notre dame, grow up and get in a conference already. - 2 points

redskins lost: we looked terrible. just awful. the offense sputtered on the goal line every time. the defense was destroyed by the backup running back. just dreadful - 0 points
giants got clobbered, again: i love that the giants paid eli manning 100 million bucks over 7 years and now they are terrible. nice job giants. thanks for the boost in the nfc east!- 1 point
cowboys looked good: they got their first win... dammit. - 0 point

my fantasy team won: i didnt just win, i owned. my score came close to 180 points. the average points per week across the league is probably just below 100. my opponent could only muster 60 points. it was an insane week. i may be the greatest ever. as a result, i will give myself a point for the win as well as a point for the highest point total ever! - 2 points

9/23-9/27 weekend - 7 points - redskins really soured an otherwise great weekend.

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