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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fantasy football has begun!!

tonight, i drafted my fantasy football team! my league consists of ten people including friends from high school and others from college. i had first pick in the draft, which means i have the first pick in the first round and then the last pick in the 2nd round. first pick in the 3rd round and then last pick in the 4th round... etc.

here is how i did.

1. Carson Palmer - big season potential with all the new tools at his disposal.
2. Matt Ryan - people are saying that this could be his break out season.

Running Back:
1. Chris Johnson - best running back in the league and got him with the first pick in the draft.
2. Pierre Thomas - integral part of the amazing new orleans offense and will have a big season.
3. Justin Forsett - starting running back in seattle under pete carroll who made some mediocre running backs look amazing at usc.
4. Chester Taylor - back up to matt forte... i think matt forte will be out and chester taylor could be a viable number one.

Wide Receiver:
1. Calvin Johnson - huge receiver and has a ton of talent. young quarterback with something to prove will get the ball to him often.
2. Anquan Boldin - great receiver coming from arizona and fills a necesary number one receiver that was vacant in baltimore.
3. Mike Sims-Walker - jacksonville's number one and he was the reason my team was a contender last season.
4. Johnny Knox - chicago's number one and he is a speed demon... could be a sleeper this season.
5. Braylon Edwards - arguably the number one for the new york jets and if sanchez can get the ball to him, big potential.

Tight Ends:
1. Antonio Gates - he is great. he has been great for years. im pumped.
2. Owen Daniels - was on pace to be the best TE last season until he got hurt in the middle of the season.

1. Mason Crosby - great kicker and he is going to have a lot of opportunities with an aaron rodgers' offense.

1. New York Jets - Defense highlighted in the reality tv show "Hard Knocks" and they are phenomenal.

as you can tell, im really excited about this season. im going to kick some ass.

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