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Friday, August 27, 2010

i think its time to discuss the dance party...

last night, a handful of us rolled to a local joint known as the rock and roll hotel. the last time i spent a significant amount of time there, i was at a parachute concert with then almost totally unheard of band called the script. that night went very badly for me... and the morning, which involved getting on a 6am cross country flight the wasnt much better. ANYWAYS, so last night, we all rolled to "the hotel on h" and we were welcomed by strobe lights, a dj and a wide open dance floor. that could only mean one thing...

and in that instant...

a dance party was born.

when birthing a dance party, there are several things to keep in mind to make sure it is successful.

1. its ok to spend a few solid minutes at the bar loading up on some liquid courage.

2. number one is important because its a dance party! the most important thing is that you dance. good or bad. so get out there! no wallflowers allowed!

3. no judgment. nothing kills a good dance party like a dance snob. my experience with dance snobs is that half the time, they suck at dancing and take to ridicule as a form of getting out of being judged themselves. the other half may good dancers but they are over-compensating aggressively for something whether it be lack of personality, lack of self-confidence or they are just aggressively insecure. either way, ignore them. you may suck at dancing, but they suck at life.

4. no one is an island. dance parties are at their best when you play off each other. it could be a hook up, a best friend, a stranger, an inanimate object etc... going solo is cool but at some point, you gotta make it a team sport

5. take breaks. god knows you are sweating, have a cramp, feel the red bull vodkas coming back up... just wait for a song you dont LOVE and you can do without dancing to and just take a breather. dance parties are marathons, not sprints. take your time and enjoy the ride.

6. bad songs will happen so you just have to make the most of them. its everyone's responsibility to keep the party alive. make up a silly dance to go along with the awkward beat. do you know the words?! pretend you are the lead singer and just own it. in 3 minutes and 25 seconds, another song will begin and it will most likely be sweet... be patient and in the meantime, keep the dream alive.

7. dont be afraid to take the dance party on the road. just because the bar closed, doesnt mean the dance party ends. hells no. you have a floor. you have music. get home asap and pump up the jams! dance parties that go til the sunrise are some of my fondest memories, granted i usually get most details from third party sources.

8. protect each other. no dance party is a true dance party without at least one creeper. the guy/girl no one knows that just starts grinding on people. dont panic. just use some creative maneuvers to make it not worth their while to continue. i personally like the "night at the roxbury" move where you save someone by getting at least 2 other people, surround the friend and begin friend-grinding relentlessly until the creeper gets so confused, they have no recourse but to slowly walk away.

9. dont drop your drink!!! it happens. so does shards of glass through the foot. if you think you are at risk, kill the drink, place the glass somewhere stable and rejoin the party.

10. dont be afraid to sing along. we both know anything top 40 you have on lock down. so sing it. its totally cool to sing during a dance party. they put vocals to the song for a reason... so get in there hannah montana and sing your head off.

ok thats all i got. just 10 quick points i thought about last night while we broke. it. down. so next time you are about to begin tearing up the floor boards, try and remember a few of those. they will definitely make your dance party a positively groovadelic experience!

woo, what an insane night. more to come tonight i hope...

RBVs all around!!

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