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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DC, im giving YOU a ticket... for being terrible

what the helllll is with DC?! and i thought northern virginia was bad...(where ive lived all my life). i get it... the city doesnt have a lot of money. but making people who just move to you miserable with all your parking tickets and rules and damn fines and cameras. DC is too expensive and it has nothing to do with the price of groceries or housing. you are the devil... i seriously want to hire a lawyer and somehow sue the damn city for all the shenanigans they pull. they have a million meter maids, (yeah big 300lb man giving me a ticket while i stand there next to you, you are a meter maid) and yet the tap water is crap and there are areas that are still not safe and do not have enough police presence. keep up your psychotic ways and when you finally come up with the money to successfully run a city, nobody will live here.

i really hope someone gives me an exit interview when i leave dc... and ill show them how they almost bankrupted a citizen, who because of my job, requires that i drive around dc and sometimes has to over stay a spot because a meeting runs long, which may be the difference to me eating the following week... and yet, murderers, drug dealers, robbers, and everyone else evil in nature basically have free reign around here. good idea. drive out the people work their ass off and contribute... i hope you like what's left.

ok for those calling my bluff, im not leaving dc anytime soon... but put me in the ring with a damn meter maid for 10 minutes and i swear you'll think you are watching the video game Punch Out and im just wailing on glass joe... just pummeling him... over and over... standing... laying on the ground... he's getting the full 10 rounds... rat bastard.

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