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Monday, May 31, 2010

beantown and the boys of summer

in an effort to spend as little time as possible in our outgoing house, rylo and i decided to take a trip to boston for the long weekend. our trip began friday morning at 530am and ended last night at 1145pm. some of the random thoughts i had across the trip...

friday@445am: i hate mornings

friday@515am: i cant believe i convinced my brother to drive rylo and i to bwi airport... as it turns out, he also hates mornings

friday@730am: thank god we are sitting in an exit row... we do not well on this little prop jet.

friday@830am: we have 3 hours to kill in la guardia... what should we do? rylo suggests getting drinks. sounds good!

friday@835am: wanted booze but wanted coffee so... i got both. (see image above)

friday@840am: drunk.

friday@1130am: first class baby! free food and most importantly, free drinks. no need to wait to take off, red bull and vodkas all around while we wait for people to get situated.

friday@1230pm: we are in boston!

friday@200pm: we are at our buddy's place. we set up shop and chill/sober up.

friday@500pm: we head to a sweet boston sports bar that has a million beers and great food. however, they only have a cordial liquor license. apparently, liquor that lacks a certain amount of sugar can not be sold there. i have never heard of that before. interesting...

friday@700pm: we pass out. midday hangovers are tough.

friday@900pm: lets listen to music on a record player... for the next four hours. whoops! got carried away.

friday@100am: late night at wing it!! a great fried chicken place in beantown. i get two sandwiches. we made them way too spicy and rylo and i suffer accordingly. and then immediately pass out.

saturday@1100am: wake up and go to brunch at, believe it or not, yet another sports bar.

saturday@100pm: take a lovely stroll down newburry st. and whilst shopping and eating and randomly running into gothic anarchists, we get caught in a thunderstorm and are drenched. annnnnnnd lets go home.

saturday@700pm: bar bq with my buddy from high school and about 8 other guys in a sweet house in cambridge. there are two dogs at the house. one is a black lab and one is a black boston terrier. the boston terrier was easily less than ten pounds and yet, this diminutive boston terrier had no fear and pushed the larger dog around... as well as some of the humans. easily one of the coolest, bad ass dogs ive ever met. and it makes a constant snorting sound kind of awesome.

saturday@1100pm: we are drunk and really full. the guy that lives in the house has a hot tub in his bedroom... what?!?! immediately jealous.

saturday@100am: somehow made it to a bar and there is a horrific cover band just murdering tom petty... hit just one key... any key... just one. no? fair enough.

saturday@300am: rylo passes out within five minutes of getting back and i play a game on my cell phone for another 2 hours... im dumb.

sunday@11am: pita pit!!!!!! finally, after being patient all trip, we are finally going to pita pit. for those who dont know, i love pita pit. in LA back in september, i ate there on average twice a day, spiking at four times over a 24 hour period and each trip meant at least two pita sandwiches. it was glorious. i got two sandwiches and put on a show for the table/entire restaurant.

sunday@300pm: time to leave. we catch the T and head back to the airport. a man on the T stands next to rylo and i and he smells. bad. as any normal person would do, we look over to identify the source of our distress. we immediately lock on to the man who is 5'6", greasy hair, a hitler mustache, wearing all black (you can see some stains) and has long finger nails caked full with dirt and grime. 6-8 days minimum since last shower... and he seemed completely comfortable with it. we, on the other hand, were not.

sunday@500pm: flying first class. lets class it up. we get wine. the flight last 25 minutes. i, as a result, had to chug an entire solo cup of white wine. delicious when free.

sunday@700pm: cheap chinese food and glasses of wine at la guardia's finest. rylo and i discuss how we, with the help of our new place in capitol hill, will slowly take over the world. it definitely includes rooftop parties and a new grill.

sunday@900pm: hop on the plane and its back to exit rows... we both miss the first class treatment of free booze and commiserate along with a disgruntled stewardess from kentucky.

sunday@11pm: its over. my dad and brother come to bwi airport to take us back home. great trip.

thanks to all those in dc and boston who made this trip possible. special thanks to travis who let rylo and i crash for two nights and to dan and jen for providing transportation and limited tour guiding.

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