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Thursday, April 22, 2010

wow... how could i forget its earth day!?

so today is the one day a year where we look down and say "thank you, planet earth." a nice change of pace from the usual burning, chopping, grinding and all-around abuse that the earth usually goes through. granted, none of that necessarily stopped today but at least we are acknowledging it, however briefly, at some point during our busy day of burning, chopping and grinding.

the irony is that there will be concerts and fundraisers in honor of earth day making big promises to help save the planet! yay! well, these huge outdoor concerts, much like the one in downtown on sunday, will produce ample amounts of garbage, most likely chalked full of plastics and styrofoam which will take a bagillion years for the earth to break down... yea. if the earth had a voice, it would most likely respond something to effect of... "CAN I GET SOME PEACE AND QUIET FOR ONE DAY!! PLEASE?!?! and no sting, your music does not make up for all the garbage your countless tours have produced." (sting is playing at that weekend concert on sunday in honor of mama earth).

so instead of participating in some (trash)earthfest to celebrate earth day, i went to the one place that makes me realize how amazing our planet really is. a place where i have found peace and happiness for decades. a place that has nourished me since i was a young boy. much like the earth does for us on a daily basis, this establishment has never shied away from providing for me and those closest to me, sometimes, even providing values unparalleled by other such purveyors.

i just want to say, taco bell, thank you for everything. your purple and gold bell and that famed spanish-speaking chihuahua have been a beacon of hope and satiation for decades. but dont forget, earth friendly as well. when you eat a beef taco and know that almost at no point was that beef taco even remotely related to any living animal, you realize that taco bell is one of the most innovative and nature-sparing establishments of all time. they know how harmful farming can be to the environment and so they created a synthetic meat, which as most of you know, is the equivalent of a pound of nicotine. it is that addicting and delicious. a modern marvel born out of the desire to help save planet earth, 89 cents at a time.

so thank you planet earth and a special thanks to taco bell. with out either one, i would probably not be here today.

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