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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

touche canadia... touche.

so... i may or may not have written a pretty lengthy article about how it was awesome that the america beat canada at a game that is as important to canada as the right for all americans to cheer "america. fuck yeah!" at every opportunity no matter the location, situation or audience. sidenote: apologies to the hunter family seated near the bar area at ruby tuesdays late last sunday afternoon at the end of the third quarter.

i was hoping to quietly let that past article simply fade but alas, some individuals refuse to let it go. ok. canada won. i may have commented a little too early and it didnt work out. fine. i was wrong... kind of.

yes, while canada did beat us, i do take solace in the fact that crosby, the 22 year old who scored the winning goal in overtime for the canaders, actually spends most of his time in pittsburgh. he plays for the penguins. an american hockey team. interesting. so do most of the other players on team red leaf. now you might ask, "well, geez guy with questionable grammer and a cronic over-user of the ever-popular elipsis, im sure there are americans that play in canada..." as well some might... for the national hockey league, owned by america... which has simply colonized certain canadian cities because of the abundance of ice and wood to make hockey sticks.

so yes we lost... but if applying the basic logic mentioned above(which i am), it was really a game against ourselves. like a scrimmage. sure i would to have liked to see the american born americans wearing american uniforms win... but seeing americans who are first generation wearing uniforms made by nike, an american company, win is almost as good. some of my favorite people are first generation americans. thats what this country was founded on and makes it so great.

so thank you canada for reminding us all how awesome it is to be american, or at a minimum, just live here and get paid millions of dollars to play games. god bless america.

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