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Monday, March 8, 2010

go tribe!!

the college of william and mary takes on old dominion university in the caa championship game tonight! $5 says half the student population doesnt even know that 1. we have a basketball team. 2. our team is good. 3. there is life outside of the library (seriously, put on some spf 45 and give it a whirl).

anyways, kick some ass william and mary!! i will totally pick you over the 3 seed in the ncaa tournament... and then promptly have you lose in the second round.

in honor of this exciting day, i have attached the 2004 w&m commencement speech given by none other than the fantastic jon stewart! one of most inappropriate and honest commencement speeches i have ever heard. i was offered the opportunity to see this live, but unfortunately my fraternity had a big party the night before and the 4pm start was just a bit too early for me.

go tribe!!

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